04/27/15 Regulation update

   Better late than never I  guess. Finally on this past Thursday NOAA handed down the latest rules but probably not the last for this coming year.So the daily bag limit per person will be 0 cod which we all knew and 3 haddock at 17 inch minimum which is actually 1 more than I was expecting but still painful to see in writing. All of which leads us back to why we are taking the year off I just could not look our valued customers in the eye for such low return on their hard earned money. Though after all those years we would have finally lived up to the company motto"Where else could you get so little for so much"

  Now for the good news I received this photo recently from a couple of the irregulars with the title "From the not too distant past" dated April 2013 when you could still keep what you caught.The real reason for the email was seeing as they can't go fishing any more they were looking for new hobbies for they're free time. Well after hours of consultation with each of them I am happy to report one is following a life long dream and is hooked up with an off broadway production as the lead cat in Cats(who knew) and the other is a founding member and President of the Bruce Jenner Fan club(I saw that coming a long time ago) It is nice to see how things work out sometimes. more later 



03/01/15 2015 update

  Just can't wait any longer-although the Feds can take their merry time we have to plans for the coming season which despite the snow is right around the corner.As when last reported we know there will be no cod for this year and few years to come but the haddock issue and open seasons are still pending.Ultimately it is my belief they will cut the haddock limit from 3 currently down to 2 or even 1 per person and open seasons will be shortened to an already seasonal industry.With all this in mind we are going to suspend operation for the 2015 season and hope that the following year's regulations will relax enough to give our valued customers their hard earned moneys worth to take home with them just like life prior to Sept 1st of last year(pictured).It's all about having fun and maybe making a couple of bucks in the process this latest round of Reg. changes will insure neither of those things happen.Will keep you updated as the bureaucrats get around to announcing something anything!

12/21/14 Merry Christmas

  Sorry about the lack updates as the fall and early winter have been very busy indeed.

  The only thing known for sure next season and probably a few seasons to come is that there will be no cod to go home with.A very sad reality. Unfortunately the Regulators as usual are very slow in getting other issues(haddock,closed areas and seasonal closures)voted on and then approved by NOAA.So while everyone in power has gone to Christmas vacation(but only after surrendering to North Korea and Cuba)we are all left twisting in the wind and wondering all the if's(when we get to actually keep something we catch-when can you start -when you have to stop-where can you fish where can't you fish- what can you fish with or not read possibly no jigs-how many or few -what size?)Other than that things are perfectly clear. Until then Happy New Year!

09/20/14 Saturday

  First thing tomorrow(9/21) trip is cancelled due to windy rough conditions offshore(this afternoon thru Sunday pm)making today the final trip for the season.Today's trip was a 2 stop day the morning saw a fast bite of mostly cycling haddock with some medium Pollock while the afternoon brought more Pollock with some cod to cycle back out in steep building wind and sea.In the end most everyone with a few to go home with apiece some with a cooler full for the effort. No picture as you needed 2 hands on the wheel full time. 

09/12/14 Friday

    Due to the very limited participation following the new regs. going into effect we will be ending the fall season much earlier than normal.We will make next weekend Sat. and Sun. Sept 20th and 21st as the final trips for this year.This way we can get started on the winter work list while the weather is still favorable.

   Enjoy the sunrise from a couple of weeks ago.


09/01/14 Monday

  Start of a brave new world today with the reg changes.Had a very nice trip drifting allday with a couple of bigger Pollock apiece and mess of cusk along with some blue hake for something different.Plenty of action throughout the day including a dozen or better big shark attacks and half a dozen whales with a mile of porpoise for scenic value.Vegged out at the end and forgot to do the picture thing so review the past few days as a primer.

   Big Note: with the regulation changes(no retention of any cod or haddock) 

   we are reducing our schedule to Friday

  Saturday and Sunday 7-4 and hoping to keep Mondays alive 5-5

  This in an effort to get enough folks together at the same time to

  afford getting off the dock to catch you guys fish-So always call ahead

  and make a reservation instead of just showing up.

08/31/14 Sunday

  Out with a big charter on the last day for cod and haddock. Still a rolling leftover sea from last night that calmed out by afternoon.As for fishing good start with a bunch of cod and Pollock very active on jigs.Then just a pick the rest of the day with a mix of cod cusk and some keeper haddock on both bait and jig.Today's quick celebrity pic of that very very odd couple Felix and Oscar and their jig haul.Good job boys.Next up a 5-5 trip in the morning with space available. 

08/30/14 Saturday

   Way too windy to drift so while on anchor it was pretty good opening flurry around the boat each stop that over a half hour or so would die out and prompt another move.Cusk and cod mostly some keeper haddock mixed in with lots of smalls and very few Pollock on both bait and jig.Today's celebrity pic is of that son of an #%&* Stevie Al-Qaeda with his few mixed on jig.Tomorrows 7-4 trip cancelled due to rough conditions so next available is Monday on a 5-5 trip with plenty of room.

08/29/14 Friday

  Drift we did but only because we tried the anchor and the tide was running so hard it forced us to.Lots of tangled lines with a slow steady bite of cod and cusk with some Pollock and keeper haddock mixed in.Morning bite was best and better overall on jigs but only if you could cast a ways.Today's pic from a few of the stern crew with Youk and Ray leading the way on jigs.Looks like next availaible is Monday Sept 1st on a 5-5 trip.


     Another beautiful drifting day(2 long drifts)filled the coolers and came home.Total mix of cod,cusk,haddock and Pollock on both bait and jig(well some people had no problem on jigs)left everyone tired but smiling.Today's pic of the lovely Patrick with a few of his best friends and their well earned mixed take home. Big note:if you look beyond the Lovely Patrick you will notice the perfectly flat smooth calm ocean so please stop the calls about what ever it is the weatherpeople are talking about-it can't be any calmer out there.Next up Fri.(soldout)Sat.(4 spaces left)Sun.(3 spaces left)and Mon.5-5 has plenty of room.

08/25/14 Monday

  After the first 2 plans didn't really work at least the 3rd came thru.Some pollock early but not consistent enough to stay with so by late morning it was off to hit the rocks.Drifting the hardbottom with a mix of cod and cusk mainly on both bait and jig helped to work off all that food(way too much again).Today's pic of Abby Normal and friends with some of their mixed bag.Next up Weds.thru Sunday 7-4 with plenty of room as well as Monday 9/1 on the 5-5 trip.  

08/24/14 Sunday

 Back to reality today.Big crowd so kept it simple drifting on top of the ledge with just a slow pick of mixed keeper sized fish and a bunch of undersized for action.Everything on bait on a beautiful summer's day of drift fishing.Today's pic of Youk and Pam with their dinner on the trip.Next up a 5-5 in the morning(soldout) and a 3/4 day trip with plenty of room.Then plenty of room 7-4 the rest of the week as well as the 5-5 trip next Monday(Labor Day) 

08/23/14 Saturday

  Special trip today that we have been looking forward to since spring.Some of the old boy regulars throwing a fishing bachelor party for Stevie Polizotti(who somewhat grew up on the back of this boat).The result was good old boys having a great old time jigging and dreamin' like days from the not too distant past.And if NOAA has their way it may be our last opportunity to catch cod like this after next week.Next available Monday 3/4 and Tuesday and beyond on the 7-4 plenty of room the rest of the week.Good job Boys congrats again Stevie and Racheal.   

08/22/14 Friday

   Spent most of the day on anchor due to too much wind.Early while we could drift was the best ratio for keepers of Pollock and haddock. Once on anchor it was fast as you could get to bottom for haddock(unfortunately mostly short haddock)with some cod Pollock and a few cusk most everything on bait.Today's pic of a few more first timers with their take home.Next available 3/4 day on Monday and all next week 7-4 starting on Tuesday.

08/21/14 Thursday

  Different day different result.After yesterday's mostly cusk ,today was very few cusk.A mostly haddock and Pollock day with a few keeper cod, cusk and a load of mackerel with most everything on bait again.Today's pic from first timers Craig,Judy,Amanda and Sean with their keepers on the day all on bait.Sat.Sun. and Monday are soldout 7-4 making Tuesday 8/26 and beyond the next available and the next 3/4 day is Monday 8/25 .

08/20/14 Wednesday

  When Model A Fords came out you could get any color you wanted as long as it was black(or so Bob tells me)well a similar thing happened today on the ledge you could keep any fish you wanted as long as it was a cusk.Plenty of them but only a few cod and Pollock made the grade and very few haddock even came close(tons of very small haddock)Mostly everything was on bait also.Today's pic from the bow crew with Morgan on her first trip along with Brandon who might figure it out eventually with their mostly cuskie mix.Next up Fri.Sat. and Sun.7-4 with some space available.Monday's 5-5 soldout tring to get a 7-4 trip as well.


08/18/14 Monday

   Pretty good morning on anchor while it was too windy to drift.Mostly haddock with some niced sized cod and Pollock better on bait.The afternoon was a drift with mostly cusk with some keeper cod and haddock still better on bait.Today's pic is still more of that NY riffraff that shows up around here and doesn't seem to want to go home with their well earned treats on the day.Next up Weds.Thurs.Fri. and Sunday 7-4. Saturday soldout

08/17/14 Sunday

  Weekend update.Annual Dewitt family weekend down for 2 days yesterday slow with no drifting just a few keepers each stop meanwhile today was a good bite on a couple of long drifts.Lots of action with a mix of cusk and cod along with some Pollock and a few keeper haddock among the many shorts.Today's pics of the "good" Dewitts (the rest of you know who you are,Right Dougie?)With their haul on the day.Schedule for the week 7-4 has plenty of room except Saturday(soldout)Next Monday's 5-5 is soldout but we will try a 7-4 trip on the Sundance and Monday Sept 1st is a scheduled 5-5 with plenty of room. 

08/15/14 Friday

  Flat calm and hanging on the anchor most of the day.Tried to drift a few different times and methods with no success just a screamer of a current running too hard.While on anchor it was a painfully slow pick of keepers with a mix of haddock ,cod and cusk along with a handful of Pollock.Everything was on bait as jigs did nothing being stationary in the tide other than tangle which we had plenty of those tangles that is.Today's pic from the N.Y. riffraff onboard with their showing on the day.Next available is Monday 5-5 trip with spots 30 and 11 open.Then plenty of room all next week 7-4 and Monday on the 8-2:30 trip.

Note  With September 1st fast approaching and regulations due to change to no retention of cod or haddock now might be the best time to use up those gift certificates before the changes occur.There maybe a last minute reprieve to at least give us back haddock to go along with the Pollock,cusk and redfish but don't bet the farm on it!Will keep you all posted.  

08/12/14 Tuesday

   Very Fast drifting conditions held made it hard to find and hold bottom for most of the first timers.In the end a few apiece to go home with some with a bunch.Everyone but 1 was bait fishing but 1 did just fine for the short time jigging.Pictured are the Ploude's not with their fish but the fish caught by 1 due to witness protection matters 1 couldn't be photographed and they were the closest to 1 while 1 was fishing. See that was simple!Next up Weds. and Thursday are cancelled due to high seas. For sure going  Fri. 7-4  with plenty of room. The weekend's trips are  soldout.  Monday still has 2 spaces available for the 5-5 trip.

08/11/14 Monday

  An almost perfect day -good drifting and better than good fishing.The only issue was Blindguy kept busting off big fish losing jig and all.What a shame!We are all thinking of taking up a collection to help the poor guy out.Or not.Meanwhile he and Gary are pictured helping to display Weed's fish for the day.Total mixed bag of all species of fish on both bait and jig which ever was your pleasure filled most all the coolers and boxes for a good trip.Next up Tuesday 7-4 with space available Weds. is cancelled both trips due to weather then Thurs. Fri. and Sun 7-4 with space available.Saturday is soldout.Monday 5-5  8/18 has 6 spaces available. 

08/10/14 Sunday

   Another picture perfect drifting day with a steady bite throughout.A mix again of mostly haddock and cusk along with some cod and the occational Pollock on both bait and jig(only a couple of jig fishermen).Good time all around with a fun crowd and plenty of action.Today's pic because he got the gold star for being the only guy not to use bait and mess up his area for Pat to clean up after.5-5 in the AM with a couple of spaces left Plenty of room all week 7-4 but watching mid week weather.More later. 

  Note:  With September 1st fast approaching and regulations scheduled to change to no retention of cod or haddock.Now might be the best time to use up those gift certificates before the change occurs.There might be a last minute reprieve to at least give us back haddock to go along with the Pollock,cusk and redfish but don't hold your breathe.Just sayin'  

08/09/14 Saturday

   Easy driftin' easy fishin'.T he tide never showed it's ugly side today so back to status normal after yesterday's fast current.Keeper fish never came really fast but over the course of the day they added up with a mix of keeper haddock and cusk mostly a few cod and Pollock scattered around.Today's pic from father and son on the Challeneger charter with their mixed take home on a beautiful day.Next up Sunday 7-4 and 8-2:30 bith with plenty of room as well as Monday 5-5 with a half dozen spots open. 

08/08/14 Friday

  No drift and not much of a bite! Tough current made for too fast a drift so while on anchor for the morning it was some cod and cusk early each stop then crickets.So many moves before settling on some  barely keeper Pollock for the afternoon but at least we could sit for awhile.Today's pic from the stern with a mix of fish but not many haddock in that mix.Next up Sunday 7-4 and Monday 5-5 both with space available.

08/07/14 Thursday

   With the exception of the rain storm coming up the river it was a perfect days fishing. Plenty of big haddock(limited out) along with the usual ton of shorts mixed in some cusk cod and a few Pollock mostly on bait.Easy drifting conditions ,not even 1 dog seen or caught and coolers full or nearly so-who could ask for more?Today's pic from a few of the stern crew with their haul on the day.Next up Fri.Sat. and Sun. 7-4 with space available as well as Monday 5-5 with space available.

08/04/14 Monday

   Allday driftathon again with the first hour best for keeper haddock on bait and the rest of the day better on jigs with a mostly cod cusk mix along with some haddock and Pollock.Very tired crowd by the end with lots of reeling and casting for the next one.Today's pic from a few of the bow crew and their hefty haul.Next up  Thurs.Fri.Sat. and Sunday 7-4 still with plenty of room as well as next Monday's 5-5 with space available. 

08/01/14 Friday

  Back on the drifting circuit with much better results.Morning was better with a mostly keeper haddock not many shorts some cusk and cod better on bait.The afternoon was a fast drift with more throwbacks than keeps but the best part was there wasn't a dog seen or taken allday.Today's quick pic from the stern and the latest firstimers at this with their take home haul on bait.Good job guys it must have been all the professional advise you received.By the way Hi Bob Hills from all of us here,you might have even caught a couple today.Next available Sunday 7- 4 and Monday 5-5 with space as well as all next week except for Tuesday(soldout).

07/31/14 Thursday

  No drifting today so it was a slower pace on anchor.Mostly cod with some cusk and Pollock for keepers not many keeper haddock at all.Also as the day went on more dogs were around as well as the first blue sharks taking fish and line for the season.You have to expect it as Shark Week on Discovery is comimg soon.Today's pic from a few of the bow crew with their mix on both bait and jig.Next up tomorrow(Fri.) with plenty of room (Saturday soldout). Sunday 7-4 as well as Monday 5-5 with space available.

07/30/14 Wednesday

 Perfect drifting day with a big crowd.Kept things simple and shallow with a mix of mostly haddock along with some cusk and a few keeper cod and Pollock.Still lots of short haddock in between the keepers for action and only a half a dozen dogs with everything caught on bait as no one was jigging.In the end most everybody went home with a few apiece some with a few more.Today's pic from the stern with their well deserved take home.The rest of the week has plenty of room Thurs.Fri. and Sunday 7-4.Saturday is soldout and Monday's 5-5 has space available as well.


07/27/14 Sunday The end of a gloomy weekend.Lots of shorts with a mix of mostly haddock some cusk and a few cod and Pollock mostly on bait.(oh and dogs mixed in today)Today's pic is from a sunrise earlier in the season just to remember what it looks like.
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   Humpbacks bubble feeding while we fished.

06/23/14 Monday

  There is always 1 in every bunch 

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