Finally got back control over this site however all past history vaporized.I will try a recreate some of the updates of the last month as I get a chance.

                    Schedule for this week Weds.Thurs.Fri. and Sun. 7-4 trips all with

               plenty of room.             Saturday 7-4(soldout)

               Monday 8/2   5 am-5 pm trip has space available                                                                                               

07/27/14 Sunday The end of a gloomy weekend.Lots of shorts with a mix of mostly haddock some cusk and a few cod and Pollock mostly on bait.(oh and dogs mixed in today)Today's pic is from a sunrise earlier in the season just to remember what it looks like.
07/25/14 Friday
07/23/14 Wednesday
07/20/14 Sunday
07/19/14 Saturday
07/18/14 Friday
07/14/14 Monday
07/14/14 Monday
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06/29/14 Sunday


06/23/14 Monday

06/20/14 Friday

   Humpbacks bubble feeding while we fished.

06/23/14 Monday

  There is always 1 in every bunch 

Saturday, July 26