04/23/14 Wednesday

    Perfect allday driftathon conditions with a nice bite of bigger haddock and some cod.Still mostly on bait but 2 or 3 of the diehard jig guys managed half a dozen or better keepers before changing to bait.Today's pic from the stern crew with their takehome fare of mostly haddock.Fri. Sat. and Sunday all with plenty of space available Monday's 5-5 with 1 space open right now.   Biggest news of the day is that the new regulations came out yesterday effective next week(May 1st)Cod minimum size to increase 2 inches to 21 with the same 9 average bag limit  Haddock to stay the same on size at 21 inch but only a 3 average bag limit -Just wonderful !!! What a way to run an industry!

04/21/14 Monday

   Once again best keepers in the AM with more cod than haddock mainly on bait.After the midday tide change mostly throwbacks for the rest of the trip with the occasional keeper.Today's pic of Pat proving once again "it's not how good you are it's how good you look doing it"with his mostly cod going home.Next up Weds.Fri.Sat.and Sun.all with plenty of room.Monday's 5-5 with 2 spaces left at this time. 

04/19/14 Saturday

  For an opening day weather could not have been better with a chill first thing then drifting or near drifting conditions throughout the day.As for the fish,plenty of shorts especially active in the morning with about 1 in 10 staying in the boat along with some keeper cod and most everything on bait.Today's pic of Steve and Jim with their few keeps apiece,enough for fresh dinner and a little more.No trip on  Easter so we will pick it up early on Monday with the first 5-5.  

04/17/14 Thursday

   Let the fun begin! Opening day is Saturday 4/19(soldout) no trip Sunday(Easter) then next week Monday 4/21 is the first Earlybird(soldout) then regular schedule Weds.Fri. Sat.Sun.7am -4pm and Mondays 5am-5pm always call ahead for reservations. Till then pray for warmer temps this is still way too cold especially to us older folks.  

03/26/14 Wednesday

  What's wrong with this picture? Nothing if it were January but it's almost April and it feels like January. These boats should be uncovered and half painted by now. Unfortunately due to the extended rotten cold we will have to back up the start date a week to (Sat)April 19th.Those with reservations for the original opening week will be called shortly with the good news.Not a good way to start spring but we'll have to deal with it.

2014 dates posted!!! 

Get your favorites early and often.


Enough winter!     


Come on Spring!

01/01/14   Happy Whoo! Year

  Hoping everyone having a great holiday season so far.We will be updating 2014 dates soon so get your favorites ready.Dispite the weather being just awful right now things have a way of balancing out nicely in the end so lets get it out of the way now.Even with the cold and snow get out and make the best of it which is what my wife and I did for New Year's morning with a very productive nature hunt.The morning total 4 snowy owls 1 bald eagle a bunch of various hawks and the usual assortment of ducks geese and gulls just ahead of the next snow storm.yuk! Updates soon

10/20/13 Season's End

  Just finished up another year and quite a memorable one it was. Not just the way above average consistant fishing or the lack of dogfish,or the absolutely phenomenal summer and fall weather which allowed us to drift day after day but mostly for the great customers we spend more time with than our own families each summer because you make it so much fun.Thank you all for the many laughs and good times!(example Mary and girls pictured)Will update after the holidays or if something important comes up.Have a good winter and we'll see you in April.

10/14/13 Monday

  After a rough start to the weekend the ocean it flattened out beautifully to salvage one day out of the three today.Once again a full day of drifting with just a fair bite of mostly cusk and cod with some keeper haddock amoung the many shorts.There were some dogs around but not enough to move us away from the area.Today's pic of first timer Stephanie with her and Dad's hard won keepers.Next up the final weekend with Saturday(soldout) and Sunday plenty of room.  

10/05/13 Saturday

  Too many dogs to stay where we've been the last couple of weeks so a relocation solved that problem no sharks the rest of the trip.However the keeper ratio went right down with tons of shorts(haddock) the occational keeper haddock some cusk and a stray pollock or cod in between.With no big numbers apiece the picture award goes to Snuffy the seal and clan on the way out of the river.Sunday's trips cancelled due to lack of angler particapation and lousy weather.Schedule calls for Weds.(we'll see if the seas lay down in time)more likely Fri. Sat. Sun. and Monday(Columbus Day)all 7-4 with space available

10/04/13 Friday

   Yet another flat calm drifting day with a pretty good bite.A cod- cusk mix with some medium pollock and the occational keeper haddock or blue hake.Better on jigs(or should I say better for the better fishermen who happened to be jigging)and there were some dogs around mostly caught on bait.Today's quick pic from a few of the bow crew(P.P.,Jethro and Larry Dick) with their haul on jigs.The weekend has 7-4 trips with space available.Next week's schedule Weds.Fri.Sat. Sun. and Monday(Columbus Day) all 7-4 with space. 

09/30/13 Monday

  Last 5-5 trip of the season and what a way to end.Couldn't have been better for weather(blue skies and flat calm drifting allday -a top 10 day for sure)for catching very good for mixed cod haddock(best bigger haddock day in awhile), cusk some pollock and blue hake(only a couple of dogs and no big sharks) and finally the people once again a wonderful bunch of absolute nut cases with their fearless leader Bob stirring them up throughout the trip.Today's quick pic from the stern wackos with their hefty mixed haul.The remaining schedule for this month is Weds. Fri. Sat. and Sun. 7-4 as well as Monday Columbus Day 7-4. last trip scheduled Sunday 10/20 

09/29/13 Sunday

  After early fog it was a beauty flat calm drifting day with a fair days bite.Mostly on bait(who knows?)with a mix of cusk,cod and a few haddock and hake.Only a few dogs and one small mako for sharks today.Today's pic of one of the 3 humpback whales seen this one was the closest.Next up tomorrow(Monday) 5-5 with a another drifting forecast has space available and the rest of the is Weds.Fri.Sat. and Sun. 7-4 all with plenty of room.

09/28/13 Saturday

  Yesterday's trend toward jig fish continued today with mostly all fish on jigs.Once again drifting allday with the best early on with the mix of pollock and cod but as the day wore on the it became the occational cod or pollock amoung a lot of cusk.Dogs also started showing this afternoon for the bait dunkers but the jigs were pretty clean throughout.Today's pic of William and his jig buddies with their takers on the day.Next up Sunday 7-4 with a little space available and Monday 5-5(last one) with space available. 

09/27/13 Friday

  The song remains pretty much the same-allday drifting with a nice  mixed bag of species.Only difference today was there were more jiggable fish around so some folks never changed over to bait.Depending on what end of the boat or what your fruit fetish was determined whether you caught mostly cod or mostly pollock on jig and the bait guys were mostly cod and cusk with the occational keeper haddock,pollock and some blue hake?(no dogs)Todays pic speaking of fruit fetishes were the 2 queens of fruit with their jiggables.Plenty of room all weekend 7-4 and a few spaces left for the last 5-5 on Monday. 

09/25/13 Wednesday

   Poof! Back to the area we left them biting on Monday and not many pollock to show for it.For keepers it was mostly cod with some pollock and lots of short haddock with the occational keeper mixed in.Almost everything was on bait again.Today's pic from the stern is Ed and Sal with their well earned keepers on the day.Next up Fri.Sat. and Sun. 7-4 all with plenty room.Monday 9/30 is the last 5-5 trip with some space available.  

09/23/13 Monday

  First many apologies to Sunday's folks for the last minute(5 AM) weather cancellation.Timing of the frontal passage was such that the morning would not have been any fun.However today more than made up the fun department.A very good bite of mostly pollock along with market cod and a few keeper haddock(no dogs)(some blue dogs).Stop me if you have heard this before but yes you could catch them on jig but much better on bait -much better!Everyone in the end very tired from reeling and the mates very tired from gaffing and cutting fish.Today's motley crew pic is of mostly Gail's fish with a little immoral support from the other pair.Great week's forecast and the catching doesn't get any better Weds.Fri.Sat.(lots of room) and Sun. 7-4 all with space.Last 5-5 this coming Monday 9/30 with space available.

Big note to all the regulars as I'm writing this I recieved a one of those phone calls I always dread.Good friend and great fisherman Don Peterson has passed.He truely will be missed by all.  

09/21/13 Saturday

   Much faster today with a fast drift(3 long drifts for the day) and faster bite with almost no sharks.Still a mix but more and better sized cod and haddock fewer cusk and still the occational pollock and blue hake thrown in.Not to sound like a broken record -yes you can catch them on jig but the bait fishing is much better still.Today's pic from a few of the stern crew with their mixed haul on the trip.Next up Sunday 7-4 and Monday 5-5 trip with some space available.

09/20/13 Friday

  The only downer on this one was the number of sandsharks at times.Otherwise spectacular slick calm allday drifting with a total mix of species(cod cusk haddock mainly with some blue hake and pollock) coming thru the dogs.In the end a fair keeper day for all.Today's pic from the bow crew with P.P. and friends and their take home.Sat. and Sun. 7-4 with some space available as well as Monday 5-5 with 6 spaces left.

09/16/13 Monday

  After a weekend of keeping it very simple and easy with big crowds it was back to real fishing today.Had to battle some sharks(big and small) but well worth it.Mainly cod(near limit out) with cusk,pollock and some bigger haddock along with a few hake.Both bait and jig did the job with baitfishing doing a little better overall.Today's hasty pic from a couple of stern regulars with their mixed haul.This week's schedule has Weds.Fri.Sat. and Sunday 7-4 trips all with space available.Next Monday's 5-5 has 8 spaces available right now(only 2 of these trips left this season 9/23 and 9/30)

09/14/13 Saturday

   Kept it simple with a big crowd,avoided dogfish areas and no drift for most of the day meant pretty slow overall.Finally able to drift at the end of the day perked things up with a mix of pollock and cod mostly along with the occational something else.Only 3 or 4 dogs so no problem on that end anyway.Today's pic from Anthony on the bow with his few trophys on jig.Next available Monday 5-5 trip with some space available as well as all next week Weds.Fri.Sat. and Sunday.

09/13/13 Friday

  A little morning drizzle but otherwise slick calm drifting conditions throughout with a mix of mostly cod and haddock with some cusk,hake and a few medium pollock better on bait again.The only tough part of this one was there were more sandsharks than we have seen in a long time so I guess once in awhile no biggie.Today's pic from a few of the stern boys with their mixed bag takehome on bait and jig.Next up Sat.7-4 with a couple spaces left. Sunday is soldout.Monday 5-5 trip still with some space available.

09/11/13 Wednesday

   A slow start dealing with some sharks both big and small but by late morning things turned around nicely.A mix of mostly cod and cusk with some keeper haddock and a few hake and pollock rounded things out..Much better on bait but even the jig guys worked at it and ended up with 6 or 8 keepers.Today's celebrity day off pic from the bow has Brad Pitt and Matt Damon(I guess those Hollywood makeup artists really are good) with their haul.Next up Fri and Sat.7-4 with space available Sunday is soldout .Monday's 5-5 has some space available also. 

09/09/13 Monday

   Another beautiful Monday drifting day with a pretty good bite.Best the first hour of the day and pick and flurry mixed fish for the remainder.Some medium pollock but mainly cod,cusk and haddock with a couple dozen blue hake thrown in on top for good measure.Better on bait but the diehard jig guys also had a fine trip.Some scattered dogs but clear most all day.Today's shot of the Lunenburg trio with their well earned take home on the day.Next up Weds Fri. and Sat.7-4 with space available Sunday is soldout and Monday's 5-5 has about 10 spaces left at this point.Only 3 of these trips left this season(all the Monday's in September. 

09/08/13 Sunday

  After a slower day with a group charter yesterday it was a big turn around with the regular allday trip today.Able to drift for most of the day with steady flurries of fish coming over the rail.About a 50/50 keeper to throwback ratio of cod haddock cusk and pollock with a few dogs early.Almost 100% was caught on bait -sorry diehard jig fishermen.Today's pic from a few of the professional fish killers onboard with their mixed bag take home.Schedule for the has a 5-5 trip in the morning with a few spaces left followed by Weds.Fri. and Sat. all 7-4 trips with space available.(Sunday is soldout)The remaining Mondays for this month are 5-5 trips with space available on all. 

09/06/13 Friday

     Different happy hunting ground today.After Wednesday with the dogs we chose a scouting mission which found no dogs.Along with a mix of mostly cod some cusk and a few keeper haddock much better on bait overall.Today's pic fron a couple of the stern crew with their well earned haul.Next available is Sunday 7-4 trip as well as Monday 5-5.

09/04/13 Wednesday

   From way too easy on Monday to make time today.After not seeing any dogs for about a week to oops stepped right into the middle of them.Ended up catching enough good stuff for a fair day but had to battle with plenty of greeneyes to do it.Better in the afternoon once we were able to drift the dogs couldn't zero in as easlily and a better mix of bigger pollock market cod and mostly short haddock.Today's from Herm and Ed on the stern with their mixed bag.Next up Fri. and Sun. 7-4 with plenty of room.Monday's 5-5 has space available.  

09/02/13 Labor Day

   Other than a load of rain it was a fairly easy day of it.Best early but steady waves of fish all through the trip.Mostly pollock with some cod and keeper haddock better on bait overall.Today's celebrity pic fresh off their summer blues tour now back for the fall fishing season it's Blind Guy P P Dupres and sidekick backup singer Billy Ray Jethro III with their hefty haul on the day.Welcome back boys-I think!Next up Weds. Fri. and Sunday all 7-4 trips with space available Saturday 7-4 is soldout unfortunately .  There are 4 remaining(the next 4 Mondays) 5-5 trips all with some space available. Sadly the 3/4 day trips have now ended for this season. 

09/01/13 Sunday

   No rain on us today unless you count the 10 minutes or so in the parking lot this morning but it wasn't far away at times.Morning was best with a mostly pollock bite along with some cod and a few keeper haddock.Better on bait today had to work way too hard on jig for them.Today's pic from a couple of the stern crew with their mixed bag take home on bait.As of tomorrow(after Labor Day)schedule goes to Weds.Fri. Sat. and Sun.7-4 with Mondays 5-5 trips.Labor Day Special is soldout and leaving as scheduled tomorrow bring rain gear so as to insure it won't rain on us again.

08/31/13 Saturday

   Had to abort after starting on the pollock this morning due to a very strong current and the associated tangles that went along with it.So a relacation to a place where we could drift with lines alot more plumb and beter fish catching.More of a mix of fish with fewer pollock but more cod haddock and cusk.Better on bait overall.Today's pic of the Pikes not because they caught the most or the biggest but because of Vicky's hot boots not just anyone could pull that off.Next up Sunday and Monday  7-4 with some space left.

08/30/13 Friday

  Back to normal with a nice bite of mostly pollock on bait and jig.Some keeper haddock and cod mixed in along with 1 stray dogfish and 1 bluedog shark sighting.Today's pic from some of the Boutin clan with their mostly pollock catch.Next available is Sunday on both the 7-4 and 8-2:30 trips as well as Monday 7-4.

08/29/13 Thursday

   Short and not so sweet!Cool raw and choppy when we left and by the time we got to the ledge started to get rough.Shortly after throwing the anchor it got really rough.Bottom line home early and just a miserable fishing day.

Best picture I could have had here was sensored so as not to ruin your

dinner tonite.Your welcome!

08/25/13 Sunday

  Almost pulled off a 1 drift day but had to reset once at the end because we ran off the edge.Other than a few dogfish early and some tangles it was a fairly easy time of it.A mix of mostly haddock(big and small)and cusk along with some cod and hake almost entirely on bait.Today's pic of the kids(some bigger than others) with their mixed haul on the day.Next up Monday with just a 3/4 day trip and the rest of the week has plenty of room both trips(7-4 and 8-2:30)As for the weekend Saturday 7-4 soldout- Sunday with lots of room both 7-4 and 8-2:30- Monday(Labor Day)Challenger soldout- Sundance with be running 7-4 with plenty of room

08/24/13 Saturday

   Big change up in the weather conditions greeted us this morning with a windy ,close choppy sea and to add insult to injury a roaring current.Which made for extreme angles on the lines which inturn caused extreme tangles.Through it a slow pick of cod haddock(mostly small)the occational medium pollock or cusk mostly on bait.The afternoon slowly flattened out as the tide backed off and the drift helped the catch rate slightly.Today's pic from Capt Tom out early with a 12 hour trip on the Sundance with the boys from upstae NY and their mostly pollock catch.Next up Sunday 7-4 with a few spaces left.Monday scheduled 8-2:30 and 7-4 all with plenty of room 



               Hopefully to be inserted at a later date

                        computer malfunction

08/23/13 Friday

   A pretty good first hour on a fast drift Resulting in a bigger haddock cod cusk and some pollock.Then a slower hour stuck on anchor as the drift picked up too much with a slower pick.Finished the last couple hours back on the drift with a micx of cod and cusk along with the occational keeper haddock better on bait overall.Today's pic from the bow crew with their haul on the day.Next up tomorrow Soldout ,Sunday with some space left and all next week with plenty of room.Note:Monday isn't a scheduled 5-5 trip!There are 8-2:30 and 7-4 trips scheduled with plenty of room.

08/21/13 Wednesday

   Picked up where we left off on Monday but the bite was almost non existant.So after wasting an hour a relocation saved the day with the best bigger haddock bite in a few weeks.Along with the haddock was a mix of mostly cod and cusk along with some pollock and blue hake.The hightlite catch of the day was another halibut a short one but closer at 36 inches caught by Bill (pictured )Next up Friday with space available 7-4.Sat is soldout and Sunday with plenty of room.All next week plenty of room and note: this Monday there is no scheduled 5-5 trip however there is a 7-4 and an 8-2:30.

08/21/13Wednesday continued

  Picture a few of the stern crew with thier haul on the day.


08/19/13 Monday

  After a quick anchor stop it was driftin' and dreamin' for the rest of the trip.A pretty good bite of mostly pollock and cod along with some haddock and cusk even a half dozen blue hake for icing on the cake.Today's pic of Mary and the ladies who kicked butt.Great job ladies!!!Next up Wednesdaywith plenty of room .No trips on Thursday due to Radio inspections then Fri.Sat. and Sun all with plenty of room.

08/18/13 Sunday

Once again all day drifting with a mix of cod,cusk and pollock on bait and jig.The only surprizes were the haddock numbers(both big and small)were way off and there were some dogs around early again but very isolated spots and easy to avoid.Today's pic from Jeff and couple homeboys with their mix take home.3/4 Monday has some space left,5-5 trip Monday soldout.Plenty of room the rest of the week including the weekend.Thursday there will not be any trips due to scheduled inspections.

08/17/13 Saturday

Able to drift all day again with the same mixed bag results.Cod,cusk,pollock and at times keeper haddock amoung the shorts mostly on bait.Had some dogs early but a short move and they weren't seen the rest of the day.For today's pic we had many to choose from including the fish shots and a bunch of active White Sided Porpoise and Gannets diving in the same feed on the surface but the winner ended up being Curious George the Sunfish who nosed up to us to see what we were doing.He was one of the bigger ones around being much larger than a full sheet of plywood.Next available 3/4 is Monday with space and 7-4 on Tuesday as well as the rest of the week.

08/16/13 Friday

Reluctantly back from rehab(3 day vacation come on people) to picture perfect weather and lots of folks.Able to drift most of the day but fast at times with a slow pick of keepers(lots of shorts).Mostly cod with some cusk and pollock and the occational keeper haddock(thats where the shorts were)There were dogs here and there as well as a few big bluedogs snatching a few on the way up.Today's pic from the Sundance with a way short halibut but another halibut none the less.Next available would be Monday 8-2:30 or Tuesday and beyond on the 7-4.

08/12/13 Monday

Other than a few dogs early it was clear sailing the rest of the day.Drifting and dreaming with a mix of mostly cod along with some cusk and pollock and the occational keeper haddock(lots of shorts).Today's pic from the bow of Matt and Lew with their jiggables.Next up 7-4 trips all week(Tuesday thru Friday) with plenty of room.Weekend soldout and Monday's 5-5 trip has 3 spaces available.This is the last entry till Friday when I get might be back from rehab.Otherwise known as a 3 day vacation


08/11/13 Sunday

Relocated back inside away from yesterday afternoon's dog tussle.So not as many pollock today but only 1 dogfish and 1 bluedog.A mix of cusk,cod and haddock(lots of shorts) along with a stray pollock nothing great but much easier on everyone that battling dogs.Today's pic of Larry the Cusk Whisperer -he can be seen weekly on his show on the Outdoor Channel or go online to get the dvd.Next up a 5-5 trip Monday(tomorrow) and plenty of room all week(Tuesday thru Friday)on the 7-4 trips.Next weekend is soldout completely 7-4.Next Monday has 3 spaces available at this time.

08/10/13 Saturday

After a couple days in port back at it with a slow bite of mostly pollock some keeper haddock(lots of shorts and a few keeper cod.The big surprize was there were some dogs around this afternoon both sandsharks and bluedogs to complicate matters just a little. We drifted and anchored both produced about the same except for the jig guys the drift was much better as usual.Todays pic from the bow with Vinnie and his keepers on the trip.Couple of spaces left for Sunday 7-4.Monday 5-5 is soldout and plenty of room all week 7-4.

08/07/13 Wednesday

Good old fickle pollock.Looked the same as Monday but very slow to the hooks though with only 1 or 2 fish on at a time.So for the afternoon it was off to shallow water for a better bite of cusk,cod,haddock(lots of shorts)and some keeper pollock with most everything on bait.Today's pic of Emily,Peter and Nick with their hard won keeps on the day.Next up the weekend with plenty of room 7-4.M.This Monday 5-5 soldout and the following Monday 9/19 has 3 space available #23-#24-#25.

08/05/13 Monday

Looked and felt just like fall today.Cool,windy and rough in the morning but just like what else happens in the fall the pollock start up again.Which is what happened today with a 2 stop day and an easy time of it.At times better on jig other times better on bait also had some cod and a few haddock mixed in with no dogs.Today's pic from a few of the stern crowd with some of their haul.Next up Wednesday with plenty of room all week including the weekend.Next Monday's 5-5 has 4 spaces open at this time(2 are prime spots)

08/04/13 Sunday

A slower day than yesterday for keepers with the dominant species being cuskies.Some keeper cod and haddock(bunch of shorts)as well as a few pollock mixed in.Not much activity for the jig guys either mostly all bait fish.Today's pic from the women of the bow with their mixed bag take home.Next up Monday(5-5) with a couple open spots left.Plenty of room all week 7-4.Looks like Wednesday for the next 3/4 day trip.

08/03/13 Saturday

A very good morning while on the drift.A mix of cod,cusk and haddock with a few pollock mainly on bait.Afternoon brought too much breeze to continue drifting so 2 anchor stops 1 fair with a mix and the other mostly shorter haddock with a few keeps.Today's pic from a few first timers with their takehome on their day.Next up Sunday with a few spaces left same for Monday's 5-5 a few spaces left.All next week plenty of room.

08/01/13 Thursday

With way too many people for one boat we split the load this morning thank god! Otherwise we wouldn't have been able to drift much.As it was we drifted all day and as the breeze picked up and the speed of the drift increased so did the fish activity(unlike yesterday where there was no movement)Today was mostly cod with some cusk,medium pollock and keeper haddock(lots of shorts)better on bait.overall.Today's pic from a few of the stern crew with their takers on the trip.Next up Sat.7-4 with plenty of room as well as Sunday.Monday's 5-5 has a handful of spaces available

07/31/13 Wednesday

Report from the 7-4 trip much slower for keepers overall. Still a mix again but more cusk boated which isn't unusual when the other critters aren't real hungry.However the report from the 3/4 day was a big turnaround with mostly nice sized market cod and a few haddock and pollock all on bait.Today's pic is from the 3/4 day and the real fisherman with the ladies day out(away from the wimpy guys who hold them back)Next up Thursday with space available as well as right thru the weekend.

07/30/13 Tuesday

Picture perfect New Enlgand weather day!Easy drifting with the morning the best bite of mostly haddock big and small along with some cod only a couple of cusk and maybe 2 sandsharks for the trip.Everyone was bait fishing so no way of telling if they would take a jig.Today's pic from a few of the fish killers on the stern with Annika leading the way with her 10 lb cod.Good job!Bet you fall asleep early tonite girl!Next up Wednesday with space available as well as right thru the weekend plenty of room.

07/29/13 Monday

No where near the keeper activity of yesterday.Lots of short fish today with more than usual amount of cusk in the mix with the cod pollock and haddock.Biggest excitment for the day was a blue shark that took a jig off the bottom and acted like a halibut for about 25 minutes till finally getting him close enough to ID him.Today's pic from the stern regulars Patty Matt and Brandon with their take home.Next up Tuesday with plenty of room as well as all week right thru the weekend.

07/28/13 Sunday

Perfect for catching fishing! Nice overcast,no rain beautiful drifting conditions and plenty of hungry fish.Pretty much non stop action on both bait and jig with a lot of nice market sized cod and medium pollock.At times there were quite a few large haddock mixed in the shorts along with some cusk and only a dozen or so dogs for the day(no halibut today).Today's pic from the stern crew with their healhty haul of fresh fish going home.Next up tomorrow(Monday) with a 5-5 and some space available and the rest of the week on the 7-4 plenty of room.

07/27/13 Saturday

Back at after a couple of days off with more of the same from where we left them.A mix of cod,pollock,cusk ans some keeper haddock(lots of shorts)on both bait and jig.Also maybe a dozen dogs thrown in for the day.Drifting for most of the day which is how most all the better fish were caught.The 1 anchor stop we caught a lot of short haddock with only a handful of keeps mixed in.Today's pic is from another short halibut sent back to the deep for future catching.Next up Sunday 7-4 with plenty of room Monday's 5-5 has plenty of room as well as all next week.

07/24/13 Wednesday

Yup! Still drifting away with a mix of cod and pollock on bait and jig along with some cusk and a few keeper haddock(lots of shorts).No dogs at all.Overall pretty easy trip except the current is still tough at times so heavier weights as needed.Today's pic from a couple of the father /son teams onboard with their haul on the day.Coming up Thursday and Saturday are soldout but plenty of room on Friday and Sunday as of now.Monday's 5-5 has plenty of space available also.

07/22/13 Monday

Much easier all around!Much better bite and nice drifting conditions.A mix of cod and pollock with some keeper haddock(lots of shorts)and cusk(only a couple of dogs).Both bait and jig which ever you prefered as your weapon of choice.Today's pic of Olek and the boys with their mixed keeps from the stern.Next up Weds.with plenty of room all week including Sunday 7-4 trip.

07/21/13 Sunday

Exact opposite of yesterday's easy drifting easy keepers trip.Today was crazy current,lines not tending well and slow bite for keepers(lots of shorts).In the end a keeper or 2 or 3 apiece high hook only 6 or 8 to go home with.Today's pic from a few of the stern crew with their hard won takers.Next up Monday( tomorrow)with a 5-5 and a few spaces open as well as a 3/4(8-2:30) with space.All week plenty of room.

07/20/13 Saturday

Pretty easy day with an nice bite of cod first stop on bait and jig.Followed by a long drift with a mix of mostly haddock big and small, medium pollock along with some cod and cusk.Very evenly spread around the boat for everyone.Today's pic from a couple of the bow crew with their mixed haul.A few spaces left for Sun.7-4 as well as Monday 5-5.Plenty of room all next week.

07/19/13 Friday

The streak of drifting days continued today but barely.Ultra fast drift with extra weight on to keep them tending the bottom produced a pretty good bite on cod along with some keeper haddock and cusk.Both bait and jig worked as long as you worked the current to stay on bottom.Today's pic of newcomers Steve and Trevor with their haul on bait.Next available is Sunday 7-4.Plenty of room all next week.

07/18/13 Thursday

Slow start for keepers but the afternoon perked up with a nice bite of mostly cod along with some keeper haddock,cusk and a few pollock.Still drifting along for the umpteenth day in a row which is why it was slower in the morning as we where just dead still with no movement across the bottom at all.Once we got going things went just fine.Todays pic of fishing buddies Matt and Brandon with their keepers on jig.Next up7-4 Fri with space Sat.(soldout)and Sunday with plenty of room.Monday 5-5 just a few spaces left .

07/17/13 Wednesday

Capt Tom reports lots of action and lots of tied arms from reeling haddock but unfortunately most went back over the side.Some keepers in the mix just aggrevatingly small today.Still drift fishing with today's fish mostly on bait.Today's pic of a few of the stern crew with thier keeps.Plenty of room Thurs. Fri. and Sunday 7-4 along with some spaces left for Monday's 5-5 trip

07/16/13 Tuesday

A little cooler out there today with just a hint of a breeze on the drift.With it an all bait fishing day in a little deeper water and a mixed cod and haddock keepers along with a few pollock and only a couple of dogfish.Today's pic is of Sean Twomey(pool winner 10 lb pollock) and friends with their mixed bag on the day.Plenty of room on the 7-4 everyday except Saturday( soldout)Next week's Earlybird a little over half full on Monday.

07/15/13 Monday

Hottest day on the ocean this year(85*)way too warm.Morning was best with a mix of cod and pollock for keepers better on jigs.The bait guys had some keeps but lots of shorts and dogs mixed in.As the day got warmer the bite slowed with smaller and fewer keeps and some cuskies.Today's pic is of Daniel the Ace with his mixed haul on jig. Plenty of room all week except for Saturday which is now soldout but plenty of room on Sunday.

07/14/13 Sunday

Lazy halfhearted bite on long drifts.Started on the haddock grounds but didn't last long as most all went back over the side being too small.A little deeper water brought a mix of cod,pollock,cusk and some pockets of keeper haddock(no dogs today)on both bait and jig.Never came in big fast bunches so it was in the end everyone with a few apiece some with a dozen to go home with.Today's pic of the "good daughter" Mckensie and Dad doing what she wanted for her 15th birthday spending quality time catching fish with Dad.Watchout Gabe she might be settting you up for her 16th birthday(I smell a new car possibly).Next up a 12 hour trip and 3/4 day trip tomorrow(Monday)both have some space available as well as the rest of the week plenty of room.

07/13/13 Saturday

Fair bite day with a very fast drift all day.Still a mix of species with pollock and haddock leading the way today followed by cod and some cusk.Better bite for the jig guys overall also.Some dogs around as we had to move from them once but other than that just strays here and there.Today's pic from the bow with Kazu and Brad and their mixed catch.Next up soldout Sunday but plenty of room all next week and still a couple of spots for Monday's 5-5 trip open.


07/11/13 Thursday

Wow this is humid!Even the fish are sweating when they come up.Yet another drift day with the morning two and a half hour+ drift as the best.Still mostly haddock though not as many big ones as yesterday in the mix along with some cod, pollock, and cusk.Today's pic of Steve and Caleb with their takers on bait.Next up Sat. Sun.7-4 with space available and Monday 5-5 with a few spaces left.

07/10/13 Wednesday

Once again drifting rules the day.Although it was a fast drift the catching was fast as you could get near the bottom with mostly haddock large and small along with some cod and pollock and the occational cusk better on bait.Zero dogs for the morning but they started to find us late day as the drift slowed.today's pic from the Dinsmore crew, first timers who figured out the deal early and often.Still plenty of space Fri.Sat. and Sun. 7-4 trips and Monday's 5 am-5 pm trips had a half dozen spaces left.

07/08/13 Monday

Full throttle fast drifting with a small crowd.Very hectic non stop reeling with a mix of haddock and dogs. Thats right only 2 dogs yesterday and not many haddock and today complete turnover.So lots of small haddock with a bunch of bigger haddock along with some pollock and cod better on bait.Todays pic of Chelsea(happy birthday) and her compatriots from the stern with their take home.Next up Weds. and the rest of the week plenty of room.

07/07/13 Sunday

The anchor is getting pretty rusty just sitting there on the pulpit-it's been quite a while since it's been used.Actually had to move the boat today a couple of times but not far with still a mix of the big four species though not as active on the cod today.As a result not as many jig fish it was mostly on bait today.Today's pic is of Kyana with her and her Uncle's fish on the day.Plenty of room all week including the weekend.

07/06/13 Saturday

Peaceful easy day with one long 2 and a half mile drift.Started slowly for keepers but gradually picked during the day and by the end they were mostly all keepers.A mix of mostly cod and cusk along with some nicer pollock and big haddock.Today's pic is of Fish Slayer Matt and Mom with their nice mixed haul on the day.Nice job Mathew.Next up Sunday with plenty of room as well as all next week.75 degrees again out there today-nice!

07/05/13 Friday

Makes it tough to come back to the dock when the air temp is in the low to mid seventies out there but we're home none the less.Drifted allday again but not with the same bite of the last few days.Just a slow steady fish or two or three on most of the time around the boat plus some dogs made an appearance for the first time in over a week.Not bad just a nuisance for some folks.Cod and cusk mostly with some pollock and keeper haddock a little better for the jigs overall.Today's All Star picture goes to one of last nites celebrants of the 4th who didn't quite make turn at the jetties.Oh well- cann't fix stupid.Plenty of room all weekend and all next week with still a perfect forecast.


07/04/13 4th of July

Summertime in New England at it's best.Drifting for most of the day with a very good morning and a fair afternoon bite.A mix again of mostly pollock and cod better on jigs along with some haddock and a few cusk at the end for a topping.Today's pic with the new camera of a few of the bow crew with their hefty haul on jigs.Next up Friday and the weekend all with plenty of room on the Allday 7-4 so come on down and beat the heat and some fish.

07/03/13 Wednesday

Other than morning fog and a fast current moving an otherwise perfect day.Not a ripple on the water but an all day fast drift and a pretty good bite of mostly cod and pollock for the AM a little better on jigs.Last drift of the day saw a mix of cod,cusk and big haddock a little better on bait and still no dogs seen or caught all day.Today's pic from a few of the highly trained fish assasins with their mixed haul on the day.Next up a 12 hour trip in the morning(2 spots open)after that Friday thru the weekend plenty of room(not a big demand on holiday weekends so thats the time to go)Forecast is for perfect summer weather far into next week-about time.

We'll see how this trick works for the picture.The 13 year old camera may have finally died so took out the memory card placed in the printer -made a paper copy-scanned that sent it to the laptop and now we'll see if it worked.

Nope! Will try another trick later

07/01/13 Monday

Capt. Tom reports a another perfect drifting day with a fair bite on keepers.A mix again with cod,pollock,cusk and some keeper haddock only this time better on bait than jig.I'll pay for saying this later but no dogs at all today!!!Today's pic of Nhan and Trung with their total mixed bag on bait.No trips Tuesday due to forecast so with a better forecast Wednesday both trips sailing 7-4 and 8-2:30 as well as the rest of the week.Fourth of July's Bird(5-5) has a few spaces left as of now.

06/29/13 Saturday

Drifted most of the day with a pretty good results.Mostly market sized cod and medium pollock along with some keeper haddock(lots of shorts) and a few cusk.Better on jigs though the bait guys did just fine and only a handful of dogs!Yippi!Today's pic from Vic and his trusty helpers with their mixed jig fish.Next up Monday 7-4 with plenty of room all week also some space still left for Thursday's 5-5 trip.

06/26/13 Wednesday

Another all day drift with pretty good results.Mostly haddock with some cod,cusk and pollock on bait all around the boat.Best new only about 15 dogs for the trip!! Maybe the worst is over with them.Today's pic of Sophie,Lindsey and Stephanie with their take home mix.Next up maybe Friday with an eye to the weather.Plenty of room all weekend.Big note next week the 12 hour trip isn't on Monday it's on Thursday the 4th with plenty of room.

06/25/13 Tuesday

Perfect !Air temp 68 degrees and flat calm drifting weather again.While drifting today lots of action with most of it short haddock though enough bigger haddock mixed in with the cod,cusk a few pollock.Some dogs on the hooks but never caused us to move-mostly following the fish up to the top.Today's pictiure of Joe who is the son of one of are oldest regulars Gus Rodriguez who sadly passed in December.The next generation continues.

Plenty of room all week just call ahead for reservations please!

06/24/13 Monday

Absolutely beautiful summer day!Drifting for most of the trip with a nice steady bite of mostly cod and pollock along with some keeper haddock and cusk.Dogs were very peaceful with just the occational one jumping on a hook.Ya Hooo!Today's pic of new guy Vince and Old guy Phil with their takers on the day.Plenty of room all trips right thru the weekend.

06/23/13 Sunday

Stuck on the anchor today made us sitting ducks for the dogs.It didn't take long each stop for them to overtake all of us.So a bunch of moves with a mix of haddock and cusk mainly along with some cod and a few pollock.Today's pic of Joe with his hard earned tally on bait.Next up a Bird in the AM(Monday)some space available.Praying to be able to drift.Plenty of room all week.

06/22/13 Saturday

All those dogs that were following fish up the last couple of days went to the bottom overnite and were waiting for all of us to drop in this morning.Ouch!!So after relocation and reorganization we settled into drifting most of the rest of the trip with a mix of cod,cusk,haddock and a few pollock.Kept the dogs atleast somewhat under control while pulling fish through them but not without a struggle.Today's pic from a couple of the lovelies with their keepers that helped make the day go by easier.Still a few spaces left for Sunday 7-4 and Monday's Bird.

06/21/13 Friday

Scouting day today after yesterday's change up in the bite due the dogs showing.Today's adventure didn't get us free from the dogs though luckily they really didn't attack they followed every fish in swarms to the surface though.For the jig fishermen things went very well with mostly medium pollock(4-15 lbs) along with some cod and haddock mixed in.For the bait guys things were slower to get to the coolers with lots of short haddock some keeper haddock a few cod and pollock along with some dogs.Today's pic from the Boutin crew on the stern with their mixed bag results.Next up Saturday soldout Sunday a few spaces left as well as Monday's Bird with a few spaces left.Next week is wide open right now with great summer weather forecasts.

06/20/13 Thursday

Game change!Those few dogs of yesterday afternoon did a total disruption overnite of the haddock grounds we've been fishing.So today was much slower and smaller for the haddock overall with some cod,pollock and cusk as well as the fore mentioned dogs that were always around the boat but never really swarmed us.Today's quick pic of Brad(not Pitt)with his few keeper haddock much like the rest of the boat 1 to 4 or 5 to go home with.Space is available Friday Saturday and Sunday.

06/19/13 Wednesday

Back at it today after a maintainance day yesterday.No drifting due to a steady breeze so while on anchor flurries of haddock(big and small) with some cod and cusk mostly on bait.Late day some dogs started showing their ugly snouts.Hopefully not a sign of things to come.Today's celebrity picture is of Tim the Toolman Taylor's next door neighbor Wilson with his beautiful Wolffish(still swimming free)Still space available Friday thru the weekend and a few spaces left for Monday's Earlybird.

06/17/13 Monday

We did put the anchor in twice today but not for long.Just too boring!Drift again the big key to success with mostly haddock much better sized than yesterday along with a few cod,cusk and pollock thrown in.Today's pic of Thelma and Louise with their keepers on the bow with maybe not the most but atleast they did it the hard way on jigs.Next up Weds and the rest of the week including the weekend all with room and what looks like a long stretch of sunny and warm weather.Who deserves it more than us ?

06/16/13 Sunday

Much better especially first 3 hours with one long drift.Very hectic with constant reeling pretty much as fast as you could hit the bottom.Lots of short haddock but still keepers mixed in as well a fair number of cod some pollock and a few cusk mostly on bait.Today's pic of Ashley(pool winner 16 lb cod)and Lloyd from the bow with their keeps.Next up tomorrow Monday with a soldout Bird after that Tuesday and later have plenty of room available including Next Monday that has some space available right now.

06/15/13 Saturday

The old be careful what you wish for thing.After weeks of gloom and rain with pretty good fishing. Today was beautiful sunny and warm with plenty to catch unfortunately only about 1 in 20 that came over the rail was big enough to stay in the boat.Mostly haddock with some cod and pollock while drifting around a flat calm ocean.Really had to work through the shorts to find a keeper here and there.Today's pic from Jigging Johnny with his hard earned 6 or 8 to go home with.Next up Tomorrow(Father's Day) with some space available(both boats going on the 7-4 trip)Monday soldout but after that plenty of space all week.

06/12/13 Wednesday

Easy duty day of haddock fishing.Three short moves for the trip with nice big haddock coming to the gaffs steadily all around the boat.Most with atleast half a dozen haddock apiece some with many more plus some cod and pollock mixed in.Today's pic from the Landry crew(Uncle Dave and Cliffy)with their haul on bait.Next available trip would be Sunday(Father's Day)with both boats running on the 7-4 trip.Plenty of room all next week with much better weather forecast.

06/10/13 Monday

Big difference in bite today both in size and numbers.Fish were very active allday with a much better ratio of keepers on both bait and jig.Still a mix of haddock(big and small)cod,pollock and a few cuskies for good measure.The only minor difficulty was the current kept us moving at a fast rate across the bottom but the lines tended well and the fish kept coming so who cares.Today's pic of Charlie and Abby with their lot going to the freezer.Tuesday looks like a washout so we'll pick it up Weds. and beyond with plenty of room right thru Father' Day.

P.S. next Monday's bird is soldout.However starting on June 24th trip there are some openings. This will be the first time all season that they haven't been soldout atleast a week in advance.

06/09/13 Sunday

Back at it after a two day layoff from the early weekend storm and after effects.Results for keepers was slow overall with mostly haddock with some cod and pollock mixed in mostly all on bait.Today's quick pic of Rosie with her well earned mix.Next up tomorrow with a soldout Bird but plenty of room starting Tuesday and beyond into the weekend even Sunday(Father's Day)

06/06/13 Thursday

Much slower bite today than yesterday even though the drift was beautiful and the sign of fish looked the same.Still a mix of cod haddock pollock and cusk but the bigger fish not as active for what ever reason.End result was most folks with 3 or 4 keepers some with 8-10.Today's pic from a few of the stern crew with their hard won fare.Next up Friday cancelled Saturday to be cancelled so Sunday looks to be next out with some space left.

06/05/13 Wednesday

Picked up where we left off yesterday with good results for the morning.A mix of haddock(lots of shorter ones),cod,pollock and a few cusk on both bait and jig around the boat on an allday driftathon again.When it was all over most folks with 4-8 keepers apiece some with a bunch more.Today's pic from the bow of the Farkel brothers(Larry,Fred and his other brother Larry)with their jigables.Next up Thursday 7-4 plenty of room(Friday cancelled)Waiting to see about Saturday's weather till tomorrow nite.


06/04/13 Tuesday

Should have gone to the last spot first!Slow scrape for keepers thru the shorts most of the day but once on the drift the last hour sparked up with a mix of pollock cod and haddock on bait and jig.Back a little late but atleast it's a good lead for the morning.Today's pic us Yuke and friends with some of their mixed bag.Plenty of room all trips this week and wekend.

06/03/13 Monday

Sorry no report yesterday too rough at going home time to grab a picture only the wheel.Not much to report lots of shorts with some keeps mixed in all on bait.Today better sea conditions but rain.Drifted for most of it with still lots of short haddock and at times a fair number of keeper haddock along with a few cod and pollock.Today's pic from friends of "Blind Guy" who wish him a speedy recovery from surgery and if he can read this it went very well.It's a Miracle!!!Plenty of room all week(Tues.thru Fri. and Sunday )Saturday is soldout

06/01/13 Saturday

Jekyll and Hyde fishing- big turnaround from yesterday's little ones to mostly beautiful fat haddock today.Even stop to stop no consistency good one -slow one looking at the same sign on the screen.So in the end today everyone with a nice cooler full haddock and a few teen sized pollock to go home with.Plenty of space available Tuesday thru Friday as well as Sunday.

05/31/13 Friday

Had to work harder today with lots of reeling.Unfortunately most of that reeling was short haddock.What stayed in the boat was the occational keeper haddock or pollock some cod and not many cusk.Today's pic of some that hard work paying off with their mix.

05/30/13 Thursday

Summertime and the fishin' is fine!Perfect drift almost all day with a mix of short and keeper haddock-cod-pollock and cusk better on bait.Kept everyone busy and in the end most of the coolers topped off nicely.Today's pic from Pete and his motley crew at the stern with their heavy haul.Next up Fri. and Sun. with some space available to beat the fish and the heat.

05/28/13 Tuesday

Slick calm drifting and dreaming day.With the glassy conditions the fish bite was much slower except for the small haddock-they always seem to be hungry!In the end most everyone with 4-8 keepers to go home with.Today's pic from Jeff and Rich with their well earned keeps.Next up Thurs.Fri. and Sunday on the allday with plenty of room to beat the heat.

05/27/13 Monday

Today was much improved on the weather after a mini 3 day vacation due to this past weekend's ocean storm.The fishing was a steady pick allday of haddock,cod and pollock never got wide open fast just a few to few more than that on at atime.Mostly pollock on jigs mostly haddock on bait with some cod for both.Today's pic from the stern crew with some of their mix bag.Scheduled to run the rest of the week with finally a summertime forecast.

05/23/13 Lucky Ladies Day!

The wind held off till late afternoon so able to drift perfectly for most of the day.First hour was full throttle lock and load on the big haddock(4-10lbs)on both bait and jig.The remainder of the trip was a nice steady 2-5 at atime around the boat of the same big haddock along with the market cod.Everybody with plenty of those big spawners filling the coolers nicely.Today's pic from a few of the lovely ladies with their hefty haul.

Note-Friday and Saturday trips both cancelled due to high wind and seas forecast and Sunday's trip is hanging on life support right now-

Sunday update no go looks terminal from here!

05/20/13 Monday

Very selective bite for most of the morning with some folks doing very well while others only a handful of keepers apiece.At the change of the tide (last hour of the trip)things perked up for most everyone.Mostly pollock with some cod and haddock mixed in-better on jigs overall.Today's pic of that famous Duo "Blind Guy JD and his faithful sidekick "Who's There" with their jiggables from the bow.Plenty of room all week on the 7-4 trips Weds thru Sunday.Next Monday is Memorial Day with both boats going 5 AM-5 PM.The Challeneger is soldout however the Sundance has 4 spaces open.

05/19/13 Sunday

Sorry no report yesterday due to Patrick's graduation(Mom's so proud-Bob not so much!)Back at it today with a morning mix of cod and haddock on bait with half keeps half throwbacks.The afternoon was spent on the pollock which were mostly on bait(surprize!)In the end a a pretty easy day and smiles all around.Today's pic and the secret weapon for bait fishing pollock is long hair and lipstick so those who are so inclined bring extra lipstick in the morning.Hint: red was the hot color.

05/17/13 Friday

A slow steady bite of mostly cod with some haddock pollock and cusk mixed in.A little better on jigs than bait.Anchored in early but most of the day was spent on the drift.Today's pic of those 2 mountain men in town for a couple of days before going back to Brokeback.Starting Weds. we begin the 7 day a week schedule with space available.

05/15/13 Wednesday

With mostly bait anglers today we went off checking different areas for a change.Results were slower than the previous few trips(then again it had no where to go but down a little) with a mostly haddock with some cod(biggest 15 lbs) mixed in.Today's pic from a couple of the stern wackos with their mostly haddock take.Next up Friday with some space-Saturday looking for a few people to fill out a 5am-5pm trip-Sunday All day and Monday's Bird are soldout.All next week has plenty of space.


05/13/13 Monday

Pretty good morning fair afternoon.Dispite high wind and seas best bite was first hour with flurries in an out for the remainder of the day.Today not as many cod and haddock in with the pollock so the jigs did much better than the bait dunkers.Today's pic from a few of the usual suspects with their haul on jigs.Next up Weds. Fri. and Sunday with space available and light winds in the forecast.

05/12/13 Very Happy Mothers Day!!!

After a slower day yesterday due to high wind today was the exact opposite.One stop all out slam job with very few short fish.The jig guys beatup the pollock very nicely with the occational market cod or big haddock (up to 10 lbs)while the bait guys beatup on the big haddock,markets with the occational pollock.Pick your poison!Today's quick pic from the Lima clan with some of their way too many.Next up an Earlybird in the AM followed by Weds.and Fri with space available Sat. soldout Sunday almost S.O.

New Cell

05/10/13 Friday

Much the same as Monday.All day drift with a the same mix of pollock,haddock and cod.Jigs were better for the pollock-Bait guys better for haddock.Which ever method you prefered paid off in the end.Today's pic from a few of the bow crew with their takers on the day.Note for Saturday fishermen bring raingear and for Mom's Day looks like a beauty with plenty of room on the 7-4 trip.